Dapper: heaving a neat and trimmed appearance.
Esq. ~ Esquire, Squire:
 an apprentice to a knight; a courtesy title for a gentleman.

Dapper Esq. is a selection of hand picked blog posts and products to inform, style and entertain men.
The modern dapper man can be described as follows:

He shaves daily or takes pride in grooming his beard.
He wears denim and a buttoned shirt, but also likes his favorite T-shirt and his classic sneakers.
He is in love with his wife, and thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.
He has a family with kids. And believes they are his most precious gifts.
He enjoys the occasional drink. And likes a steak or burger in his menu.
He owns a hammer. And knows how to use it.
He tries to be a true gentleman, but still recognizes the little boy in himself.
He believes everything listed here doesn’t define him.


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