What’s the right way to drink whiskey?

Whether you like to drink your whiskey neat, on the rocks or with water, is up to you. But science can help us understand what happens when you add water. For the most part it will have a negative impact on the flavor. But if whiskey overpowers you. Go ahead, and add those rocks. #addwater #drinks #glasses #guaiacol #huckberry #ontherocks #science #whiskey

Peaks Rocks Glasses by Huckberry

Yet another dead whale as reminder of our plastic problem

"A sperm whale was found washed ashore dead after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic debris. The male sperm whale was found on the Murcian coast in southern Spain in late February, reminding us how critical plastic waste in the oceans has become." The animal died of starvation. In its stomach they found almost 30 kg of plastic. It caused an infection as the animal wasn't able to expel it from its system. #charity #earthday #ocean #plasticpollution #whale


Turn old smartphones into security cameras

There is finally a reason for those old smartphones you have lying around. Use them as security cameras in your home with Manything @manythingapp. It's easy to install, cheap and practical to use. You can even connect Manything with IFTTT. Home security and automation has never been easier! #android #camera #home #homeautomation #ifttt #iphone #manything #security #smarthome #smartphone


A World Without Plastic Pollution

In support of Earth Day on April 22, this month's profits from the Dapper Esq shop on Etsy will be donated to the global campaign. Make your choice between an octopus, an old sailor or any other shirt to show your support! Find all items on etsy.com/shop/DapperEsq. #charity #earthday #etsy #goodcause #octopus #plasticage #plasticpollution #support #tshirt


Desert Species by Paula Lukey

Paula creates authentic hand printed textiles using naturally-sourced materials and eco-friendly inks. She works from her shop in Toronto. And produces only small-batches. It shows her passion and gives very piece a personal touch. #desert #etsy #handcrafted #handmade #illustration


Laser-distressed Jeans

I hear lasers and jeans. And I'm all ears. Levi's introduced a new way to distress their jeans. With kick-ass lasers. #denim #fashion #jeans #lasers #robots #styling


Deadpool kicking cancer in the **s

Ryan Reynolds, known as the star of the Deadpool movies, invites kids with cancer to the 'Deadpool 2' movie set. He claims it is the best part of his job. And even though Deadpool is not the best role model for kids, it's still admirable thing to do. #cancer #deadpool #makeawish #movie #ryanreynolds


I bought my first styling box

A few weeks ago I ordered my first styling subscription box for men. A box filled with clothes, hand-picked by a stylist just for you. Overall my experience was positive, and I even kept a few of the items that were selected for me. If you don't like shopping or don't find the time to do so, a service like this is highly recommended. You only pay for the clothes you keep, and the styling advice is free of charge! I cancelled the subscription, because I really don't need that much clothes so often. But I'm pretty sure I will try it again in the future. #cloakroom #clothing #fashion #manbox #mensfashion #outfittery #suitcase #zalando #zalon


Highly sensitive kid

Highly sensitive children are often misunderstood, and sometimes even diagnosed with other disorders. However it is just a trait, a style in personality. But it must be understood and taken into account when raising your child. They need to be appreciated, to have their special needs and sometimes intense reactions and behaviors accepted. And when needed, handled with special care. #highlysensitive #kid #personality


As a European I am appalled with the amount of deadly shootings that take place in the USA. And as much as I try to understand why Americans find it so important to keep hold of their guns. I don't understand why lawmakers stay so indifferent on the subject. Local news here reported there already have been 18 shootings this year in schools in the US. We are 44 days in 2018. No child should fear for his life at their school. #changenow #gunproblem #kids #schoolshooting #usa


I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day. We are not so much celebrating the holiday. And I would rather share a little story that debunked an old urban legend instead. We often feel superior to our ancestors, and see them as dumb and ignorant people. So when it comes down to sexuality, we like to belief we know all about it now. And they didn't have a clue back then. How wrong we were. The old myth talks about the origin of sex toys. But, vibrators were not used on the clitoris to cure hysteria. They were used to cure a lot of diseases. But not in a sexual way. And not even on women solely. It's an old myth that allows us to talk about a pornographic fantasy in public. And that's probably the main reason it persists. The real history of sex toys dates back 30.000 years to toys made of bone and ivory and teeth. #historyofsex #sextoys #urbanlegend #valentinesday #vibrator


A good place to travel to (on Google Maps), is Whittier (Alaska, USA). A town with roughy 200 people who almost all live in the same building. Every citizin helps to keep the town running. On the first floor of the building you'll find the police department, grocery store, medical clinic and the post office. On the top floor there is a bed and breakfast. From Wikipedia: "Whittier Police Department is the main police force in the community. The department was founded in 1974 by Chief of Police Gordon Whittier and two officers, and retains the same level of permanent staff today, although In summer temporary officers are hired when the town has many tourists." #alaska #isolatedplaces #travel #usa #whittier