How are you taking all this heat?

Let&;s talk about the elephant in the room. Let&;s talk about the weather. In the 4 continents where it&;s summer, heatwaves are hitting hard. Record temperatures, extreme droughts, wildfires and people rushing to the emergency room. You can see it happening all over. While governments are issuing the preservation of water, scientists are trying to ... #ajplus #climatechange #globalwarming #heatwave #howto #video #weather

Scott Listfield @scottlistfield paints apocalyptic landscapes with astronauts (and sometimes dinosaurs). Imagine the earth in a few decades (or a few hundred years if we are lucky), when visited by a future human explorer. #apocalypse #art #astronaut #climatechange #design

Leonardo DiCaprio @leonardodicaprio was appointed as United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change in 2014. He has devoted a lot of his time on raising awareness on the issue. Just like he states to be very pessimistic about our future, I believe that the problem is only getting bigger. It can not be solved without global effort and compromises. It saddens me that we are still discussing the authenticity of climate change. And not taking the necessary actions. Together with National Geographic @natgeo he produced a documentary "Before The Flood", that examines various aspects of climate change. You can watch the complete documentary for free through various channels. Find the link to YouTube on our website. #beforetheflood #climatechange #dapper #documentary #film