How to navigate with a map

If you are out for a real adventure, you need to know how to find your way with a map and compass. It&;s one of those skills I learned in boy scouting when I was a kid. I haven&;t actually used it since, but still. We are so used to taking out our smartphones nowadays, ... #compass #gps #hiking #howto #map #navigating #scouting #survivalskills

If you are ever lost, you'll need some skills to find your way back to civilization. Learn these five natural navigation tricks looking at the moon, stars, trees and more. They are tips from author Tristan Gooley. Who shares useful tips and insights aimed at helping people notice simple truths about the world around them. And once you know these, you will never be able to unsee them again. Illustrations by Chelsea Beck. #compass #hiking #moon #nature #navigation