We just sent out our first interview in our newsletter. I had an interesting talk with the man behind Beardbrand @beardbrand, Eric Bandholz @ericbandholz. He talks about the company, the products and let us peek inside his personal life. He's one of the prime examples of what I would call a dapper man. To use his words: "Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Designer." If you don't want to miss out on this and our next interviews, subscribe to our newsletter now! #beardbrand #dapper #dapperman #entrepeneur #father

This book has been released a couple of years ago. But nonetheless it's still a great conversation starter or coffee table book. Matthew Rainwaters @mattrainwaters photographed the men of the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska (US) and collected them in his book "Beard". #beard #beardedlifestyle #book #dapper #dapperman


Leonardo DiCaprio @leonardodicaprio was appointed as United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change in 2014. He has devoted a lot of his time on raising awareness on the issue. Just like he states to be very pessimistic about our future, I believe that the problem is only getting bigger. It can not be solved without global effort and compromises. It saddens me that we are still discussing the authenticity of climate change. And not taking the necessary actions. Together with National Geographic @natgeo he produced a documentary "Before The Flood", that examines various aspects of climate change. You can watch the complete documentary for free through various channels. Find the link to YouTube on our website. #beforetheflood #climatechange #dapper #documentary #film


A Saturday night with a glass of bourbon and a good conversation. (It's something that has become quite rare for me to be honest. But that's a different story.) It is a moment that calls for a moody soundtrack. You need the sound of a downtempo evening with a touch of class and reflection. Andrew from @primermagazine made the perfect blues playlist to get you started. #blues #bourbon #dapper #friends #man


Even though I'm not always a fan of their style, I do have respect for them breaking the rules in order to redefine the modern men's style. #article #dapper #dapperman #fashion #harrystyles


@3sixteen releases new Iterastions series this summer. It's a sandbox for limited-run releases between seasons. They are introducing the Indigo Block Long Sleeve and the Indigo Bandana Short Sleeve. Shown here is the Indigo Bandana Short Sleeve with a hand printed pattern. It launches today (26/5) at selected retailers and their website. Read more through the link in our bio. #dapper #fashion #indigo #longsleeve #man


@beardicure is talking about 7 most common beard problems and how you can put them to rest. Read the full article on @manofmanytastes. I have experience with at least 3 of those problems. The most annoying one is definitely a tangled beard. Use a good comb with wide teeth to clean out those knots. And use a brush to smooth things out again. It will remove that tension from your face. Picturen by @unsplash #beard #dapper #facialhair #grooming #men


"How to look good bald." I'm not quite bald yet, but I'm getting there... So far I know, trimming your hair short is first, growing a full beard is second. Simple as that, right? Read more about these secrets through the link in our bio. Picture: the real balded badass Samuel L. Jackson @samuelljackson #bald #beard #beardedlifestyle #dapper #hair


Get this great flanel shirt from @3sixteen on @snakeoilprovisions. Find the link in our bio. #3sixteen #dapper #fashion #fashionblogger #flanel


Casual menswear with an unique classic style. @grayers follows the post-war young gentlemen who ditched their outdated three-piece suits. At @huckberry you can find a nice selection, momentarily in sale. Check the link in our bio! #casual #classic #dapper #fashion #fashionblogger

Wooden sunglasses from @paulven.co.uk. All handcrafted and shipped from London, UK. #accessories #dapper #fashion #fashionblogger #man