Cucumber refreshments

Sure you can drop some cucumbers in your water. Infused freshwater is the ultimate, calorie free and refreshing drink for a hot summer day. But how about that little extra? There are quite some nice spirits that feature cucumbers. Let Distiller guide you through some ideas. #cocktails #drinks #gin #spirit #summer #vodka

What’s the right way to drink whiskey?

Whether you like to drink your whiskey neat, on the rocks or with water, is up to you. But science can help us understand what happens when you add water. For the most part it will have a negative impact on the flavor. But if whiskey overpowers you. Go ahead, and add those rocks. #addwater #drinks #glasses #guaiacol #huckberry #ontherocks #science #whiskey

Peaks Rocks Glasses by Huckberry

Here's a quick reference guide to whiskey. Remind yourself why there is a difference between whiskey and whisky (but that it really doesn't matter). Why you probably prefer single malt over blended. And that moonshine has actually nothing to do with whiskey. But traditions are different worldwide. And that makes it interesting. Did you know that EU laws indicate that whisk(e)y must age for more than 3 years? And in the US they simply can't wait that long? #bourbon #drinks #food #photobyunsplash #referenceguide