How we are dealing with screen time

We don&;t. In a world where we are more and more surrounded by screens, I&;m not sure that denying your kid a screen is the right thing to do. Looking back in time, my parents (both in their late 60s) have known a time without TV. Can you imagine that? Fast forward 40 years. Where ... #adviceforparents #future #parenting #screentime #smartphone #technology

Without getting too much into politics. This video of AJ+ @ajplus explains a trend that is visible worldwide. Apparently humans are getting fewer children. To keep populations stable in industrialized countries, we need to have 2.1 babies. But those numbers are lower in the US and Europe. And in Japan these numbers seem to be the lowest with just 1.41 babies per woman. It's not a matter of infertility, but it's a clear choice. As we become more focused on our careers, gaining more money, getting a better health. We tend to live longer, and just have less babies. #children #fatherhood #future #japan #kids

As technology is going to evolve faster than we can perceive. Many labor work will be automated by robots. Even though there is no global consensus on when this will happen exactly. You can be sure artificial intelligence will be able to outperform many human tasks in the next couple of decades. And they predict that in 100 years all of our jobs will be taken over by machines. What will we humans be doing? I'm not sure. But there will be tasks that will still be conducted by humans. Just because we want them to be. Would you get your next tattoo by this industrial robot? #ai #artificialintelligence #automation #future #human

Nasa @nasa has quite the announcements lately. They just announced their new Astronaut Class of 2017, with 12 men and women selected from more than 18.000 applicants! If these astronauts get to go to Mars, they will be able to live in bioshielding dwelling, farm in an inflatable greenhouse, and drive this muscular rover. #astronauts #future #mars #nasa #rover

Bill Gates has seven predictions for the future. #billgates #future #humanity #robots

In the light of today's announcement made by @spacex (they are going to the moon!), here is a list 7 ways @teslamotors is shaping the future. #elonmusk #energy #future #hero #man