How are you taking all this heat?

Let&;s talk about the elephant in the room. Let&;s talk about the weather. In the 4 continents where it&;s summer, heatwaves are hitting hard. Record temperatures, extreme droughts, wildfires and people rushing to the emergency room. You can see it happening all over. While governments are issuing the preservation of water, scientists are trying to ... #ajplus #climatechange #globalwarming #heatwave #howto #video #weather

I never understood people's obsession about mowing their lawn. We have a big garden, which is impossible to maintain weekly. So we created a smaller lawn, just for us and the kids. Everything else is left to nature. And believe me I'm not ashamed either to have deers, foxes and even wild hogs in our garden. And you know what? It turns out that "highly manicured lawns produce more greenhouse gases than they soak up". So that's that. Stop mowing your lawn. #garden #gardening #globalwarming #grass #home