Is the earth full?

July 11th we celebrate World Population Day. We are currently with over 7.6 billion people on this planet. Even though that number keeps rising, the growth has slowed. And it is believed that the total population will stop growing in the coming decennia. The theme of this year is &;Family Planning is a Human Right&;. ... #earth #family #humanrace #humanrights #parenthood #population #un

More than 80% of children have an online presence by the age of two. That's the result of a UK report from OFCOM. In the world of "sharenting" (terrible name) the average parent has shared 1500 images of their kid before they turn 5. I think it's fair to say we are all proud of our little ones. But we should be warned about the dangers of over-sharing. As it could pose risks to our children. In the UK their are working on the "right to be forgotten". Where children can ask online platforms to delete their pictures. But it might be too late then. So think about the kids before you post that cute, but maybe slightly embarrassing, picture. #adviceforparents #consent #fatherhood #growingup #parenthood

Scientific studies rarely take our side. But that doesn't change the reason why your wife, the mother of your children, is awake every night. Besides the midnight feedings, or throw ups, the multiple nature calls, or just your snoring throughout the night. Your spouse is just worrying about the family. Again. #family #fatherhood #insomnia #kids #parenthood

If you are in the US, you can subscribe to STEM-related toys from Amazon now. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are educational toys for your kids. #amazon #education #kids #parenthood #science

As a father of 2, I couldn't have said it better: "My wife’s body has changed because of pregnancy, but so what? {...} I love my wife’s postpartum body because, when I look at it, I see my family, and my family makes life worth living every day." Read the full article on @fatherlyhq or find the link in our bio! #family #father #fatherhood #mother #parenthood