Slaughterbots is a shortfilm to warn us about the future of killer robots. It might seem science fiction, but we are getting close to make this reality. Be warned that this video might come off as disturbing. The video was created by and Stuart Russell, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. "This short film is more than just speculation. It shows the results of integrating and miniaturizing technology that we already have."
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More than 80% of children have an online presence by the age of two. That's the result of a UK report from OFCOM. In the world of "sharenting" (terrible name) the average parent has shared 1500 images of their kid before they turn 5. I think it's fair to say we are all proud of our little ones. But we should be warned about the dangers of over-sharing. As it could pose risks to our children. In the UK their are working on the "right to be forgotten". Where children can ask online platforms to delete their pictures. But it might be too late then. So think about the kids before you post that cute, but maybe slightly embarrassing, picture.
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Back in 1964 Ford launched the Mustang. The first of the new class pony cars. It was compact, affordable and sporty. Aimed at young people it revolutionized the industry. Not like muscle cars who were bigger and focused on performing just with a massive engine under the hood. Nowadays things became more complicated. And most of its rivals disappeared over the years. The Ford Mustang however never gone out of production. But the differentiation of being a pony car is now open for debate. I think tradition still plays a role. But doesn't imply that terms like pony or muscle car couldn't be applied a little more liberally. (Photo by @ford)
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Dull men sharing their appreciation for ordinary things. It seems liberating being free from pressure to be in and trendy. The Dull Men’s Club is a place where dull men share thoughts and experiences. The club was founded by Grover Click in New York somewhere during the 80s. And moved to the UK to form an International Committee of Dull Men.
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Here's a quick reference guide to whiskey. Remind yourself why there is a difference between whiskey and whisky (but that it really doesn't matter). Why you probably prefer single malt over blended. And that moonshine has actually nothing to do with whiskey.
But traditions are different worldwide. And that makes it interesting. Did you know that EU laws indicate that whisk(e)y must age for more than 3 years? And in the US they simply can't wait that long?
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Bitcoin explained

Explaining Bitcoin is hard. Because it's hard to understand it completely. But I gave it a shot. And provided you with some basics. Whether it is a good investment or not, is totally up to you for now. I'm taking my first steps in Bitcoin. But in order to know what I'm investing in, I want to understand it.
Have you bought Bitcoins? What is your experience or opinion about the digital currency? A hype or a future investment? Let me know!
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"Sometimes people change." That's the philosophy of Dave Cutlip from @southsidetat2. As a tattoo artist he covers up racist and gang tattoos for free. When people make mistakes in life, those can be a source of shame and embarrassment later in life. These people deserve a second chance. The non-profit "Redemption Ink" provides just that.
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Showing you a picture of my toilet is not what I'm going to do. But talking about bowel movements seems a topic that might be of interest to you. 💩 It's a strange, and slightly embarrassing matter to talk about. But I did stumble upon the article today. And it is the most read article on MNT. You can read the full article on their website (find the link through our bio). The main question asked: "How many times a day should you poop?" TLDR; Somewhere between 3 times per week to 3 times a day. So it depends. It's a very personal habit and can vary from person to person. Just be concerned if it changes in regularity or consistency.
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Were zombies and vampires inspired by a real disease? Something like rabies maybe? The stories are quite similar. The bite will turn you as well. If you get bitten by an animal that has rabies. The area in your brain that regulates emotion and behavior will get destroyed. And if not treated, you have a 100% of dying. Now how's that for a Halloween horror story?
Photo by @k.o.f.x.
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Making friends is a skill you can learn. At an early age we learn how to behave around people, how to be nice, and what it means to have similar interests, and share a laugh with each other. But we never really say that these are the skills you need to make a friend. And it's not until you made a friend, you realize how difficult it is to show that brotherly love. But it's possible, and ironically, a friend will teach you that.
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I don't know what the problem is with Millennials and the names of their kids. But I hear some pretty weird firstnames from time to time. Huffpost decided to look back at the most popular names for boys and girls, 50 years ago (1967).
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