Dapper Esq. is a selection of bite-sized blog posts to inform the sustainability seeker. We value a lifestyle in sustainability, authenticity, and creativity. We want you to build a better future, for yourself, your family, and your community.

Dapper: heaving a neat and trimmed appearance.
Esq. ~ Esquire, Squire:
 an apprentice to a knight; a courtesy title for a gentleman.


We already talk about sustainability from an ecological perspective. The term is also regularly used to describe development in society and business. But on a personal level, you might want to focus on a sustainable lifestyle as well. Making life decisions that create long-term benefits and minimize a negative impact. Which could mean long-term wellbeing, good work-life balance, and avoiding short-term compromises. A personal investment that focuses on important aspects of your life, particularly those that help to create meaningful relationships. In this blog, I explore different aspects of such a lifestyle. Whether through guidance for parents, work ethics, or minimal living.


Making changes to improve your lifestyle, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to turn everything around. I believe that it is important to find a balance between what is necessary and what is desirable. As a human, we tend to hold on to customs and traditions. So it’s important to recognize our heritage and treat it with respect.

Authenticity is about honesty, finding the facts, looking at the science, and telling it how it is. Besides personal honesty towards your surroundings and yourself, this blog focuses on a message that you might not want to hear. A balance between an honest opinion and good judgment is not easy to do. But it adds to the conversation and might put things in perspective.


Creativity drives us to inspiration and innovation. It’s what might separate us from other life on this planet. While everyone can be creative, talent and passion draw a line between what you think you can and can not. It’s within that boundary that we want to explore creative ideas, art, technology, solutions, and more.

Who is Dapper Esq?

My name is Geert. I’m a freelance online communication consultant, I work for a university of applied sciences, and I am a husband and father. For the past few years, I have been trying to turn my life around and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. This blog is my journey and the result of my learnings.

If you need to contact me, please do at geert@dapperesq.com.


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