Geert 03-07-2017

Butcher and meat specialist Originally from Wigan (England), but now living in Hong Kong, Jonny Farrell works as the head butcher at Blue. Where he offers a bespoke butchery service. The first thing you told me is that you find it “mad” people want to hear about you and your job. Wouldn’t you agree that …

Keep on Growing

Geert 22-06-2017

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Designer. Eric Bandholz is founder of Beardbrand. A company that aims to unite beardsmen for the past 5 years. Beardbrand wants to deliver high quality products. And wants to change the way society looks at beardsmen. I think it’s pretty cool to see how passionate you and the rest of the team …

Outdoor kitchen tools by Swiss Advance

Geert 08-02-2017

Even though these are meant to be used outdoor, I actually keep them close to my working desk. So I always have kitchen tools available at snack time. Besides that, I usually pack the pocket knife in my bag when we’re going on a trip. This 5-part model features a bottle opener, a wire stripper, a …

James Bond, The Authentic Gentleman Man

Geert 08-10-2016

I grew up with Bond movies. And I still have an appointment with my dad every time a new Bond movie comes out. James Bond is one of the greatest fictional gentleman in our history of storytelling. Everyone has his favorite actor to portray him, but it’s still the character that sparks our imagination. Bond is smart, …

I’m getting bald, and I made peace with it

Geert 15-09-2016

I’m writing this article at the eve of trimming my hair. I have this bald spot on the back of my head. And with every picture that is being taken from me, it seems to have grown. I can try to fight it. But this week I decided it is time to cut it. No more combovers for …

Upgrade your beach style

Geert 21-07-2016

Style School has a simple but stylish recommendation on what to wear to the beach. And to give you some more options for a button-down shirts, here is a small collection for you to check out. Casual light blue denim shirt by Jack & Jones Cobalt blue shirt by Petrol Industries Strange Vibes by Billabong Short-sleeved cotton …

Fashion trends we need to forget

Geert 15-06-2016

There are definitely some fashion trends for men that we need to forget. Right now. Beaded bracelets. How did this every become popular? It looks like you want to be cool with the teenagers. But you are not. And you don’t have to. I could make an exception. If your 5 year old daughter made them …

You don’t need a wristwatch

Geert 14-06-2016

There is a good reason why watches have disappeared from our wrists. They really are dated and obsolete. In a world where almost everything is telling you what time it is. Do you really need something on your wrist to remind you to keep up with your schedule? Great men have worn watches for hundreds …

Men’s Headwear: caps


Men still have one privilege in fashion, and that is headwear. You can easily find a suiting hat or cap for every occasion. Whether you go to the beach or a business meeting. You always have options. Of course not every man can pull of every type of headwear. But on most occasions you can successfully make it …

The Chemistry of Stain Removal

Geert 09-06-2016

You can ask your mommy. Or your wife. Or you can do it yourself. To understand what to use when removing a stain, you can use this infographic by Compound Interest.