Phones are addictive

Geert 13-12-2018

Actually, phones are designed to be addictive. So it’s not your fault. Just as you want to be aware of misleading advertising, you can learn about the tricks they use. And have a healthier relation with your phone. Take a few pointers from

A friend of all children

Geert 27-11-2018

December is right around the corner. It’s the month for family, tradition and festivities. But most of us get excited because of one man. You might know him as Father Christmas, Santa, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, or Sinterklaas. He brings candy and presents to nice children everywhere. It’s a long celebrated tradition. One that we should …

Forever alone

Geert 19-11-2018

What happens to men who stay bachelors forever, according to science? Despite plenty of studies that show how parenthood and marriage benefit men, a growing body of research reveals that it’s more of a mixed-bag for bachelors than scientists previously thought. It’s never really that black or white…

How are you taking all this heat?

Geert 27-07-2018

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the weather. In the 4 continents where it’s summer, heatwaves are hitting hard. Record temperatures, extreme droughts, wildfires and people rushing to the emergency room. You can see it happening all over. While governments are issuing the preservation of water, scientists are trying to …

How to navigate with a map

Geert 25-07-2018

If you are out for a real adventure, you need to know how to find your way with a map and compass. It’s one of those skills I learned in boy scouting when I was a kid. I haven’t actually used it since, but still. We are so used to taking out our smartphones nowadays, …

The Dark Knight, 10 years later

Geert 20-07-2018

As a fan of the superhero genre, The Dark Knight left a big impression on me. Much more than it’s prequel or sequel. And it did so for many people. It’s dark, realistic and way more serious than the typical cartoonish movies at the time. The movie was rewarded with 2 Oscars in 2009. The …

How to survive a sunstroke

Geert 19-07-2018

You get a sunstroke when you spend too much time in the sun, and your body is not able to handle all that heat. It’s not to be confused by a heatstroke, by the way. You get a sunstroke from being too long in the sun. But you can get a heatstroke from just being …

Treesizeverse bags and accessories

Geert 17-07-2018

For once I’ll be patriotic, and not because we got 3rd place in FIFA World Cup. But because these bags look pretty amazing and they are made right here in Belgium.

Cucumber refreshments

Geert 14-07-2018

Sure you can drop some cucumbers in your water. Infused freshwater is the ultimate, calorie free and refreshing drink for a hot summer day. But how about that little extra? There are quite some nice spirits that feature cucumbers. Let Distiller guide you through some ideas.

Ride electric, ride in style

Geert 13-07-2018

Since the popularity of electric bikes boomed the last few years, we finally see some exciting new companies coming to this new market. Recently Berlin based Urban Drivestyle got my attention with their new Unimoke bikes. They look badass, fun and robust. It’s something else than a traditional city bikes. To be honest I still think …

Is the earth full?

Geert 11-07-2018

July 11th we celebrate World Population Day. We are currently with over 7.6 billion people on this planet. Even though that number keeps rising, the growth has slowed. And it is believed that the total population will stop growing in the coming decennia. The theme of this year is “Family Planning is a Human Right”. …

Your own private island

Geert 20-05-2018

Among the new designs in our shop, you’ll find this peaceful little place. Your own private island. Get it now! By the way, did I mention we offer free shipping worldwide?