Men’s Headwear: caps

Geert 14-06-2016

Men still have one privilege in fashion, and that is headwear. You can easily find a suiting hat or cap for every occasion. Whether you go to the beach or a business meeting. You always have options. Of course not every man can pull of every type of headwear. But on most occasions you can successfully make it …

The Chemistry of Stain Removal

Geert 09-06-2016

You can ask your mommy. Or your wife. Or you can do it yourself. To understand what to use when removing a stain, you can use this infographic by Compound Interest.

It’s time to take fatherhood seriously

Geert 05-02-2016

I stumbled upon this article today. Rosie, a wife and mother, describes very well how a father is often seen as incapable of being a parent. It might be a matter of changing our language to describe a dad. Terms like a “working father” is never used, but a “father babysitting his own kids” is. When you are a …

Land Rover Defender: End of an icon

Geert 01-02-2016

Land Rover has ceased the production of The Defender. The majestic off-road 4×4 has been an icon for over 68 years. It’s probably one of the most famous four-wheel drive vehicles. Enduring and capable, it is a legend for challenging expeditions and humanitarian support. Tough and invincible, it is loved by many off-road fanatics. The truth is …

Meet the founders of Hobo and Sailor

Geert 30-01-2016

Hobo and Sailor were featured here before. But it’s time introduce the graphic designers behind the brand, Manar Shajri and Sveta Shubina. Together they have a DOCK 57 and specialize in creating logotypes, corporate branding and illustrations. Hobo and Sailor was found in 2011 and is dedicated to the history of the 20th century. They make simple and functional things, based on …

A positive change in the representation of the ideal woman

Geert 29-01-2016

For the first time in almost 60 years, Mattel is taking an important stand. It made its first significant change in Barbie’s body. “We’ve expanded our line to offer girls more choices than ever. Curvy, Tall, and Petite dolls now stand proudly next to the Original body.” (Barbie on Instagram) Why is this important for the dapper …

DeLorean Cars To Begin New Production

Geert 28-01-2016

Texas-based DeLorean Motors recently announced that they’ll begin producing brand new DeLorean DMC-12s. They currently have parts for about 300 new cars, which will cost about $100,000. That price is a bit steep, but the car is considered to be a luxury and collectable item by now. And this, just because it was featured in a time-travel …

Converse All Star Fulton Leather

Geert 27-01-2016

Inspired by classic cars the new Converse All Star Fulton Leather is a modern silhouette with perforated leather. Also available in black, but nothing beats a classic white sneaker, right?

Valentine’s Day: To buy or not to buy, let Huckberry guide you

Geert 23-01-2016

I never cared about Valentine’s Day that much. And neither does my wife. Or so she makes me believe… The tradition of celebrating romance on February 14th, comes to us from Roman times. And has its roots in the festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration. So no, it’s not invented by Hallmark. And that makes me care a little more. We …