As a European I am appalled with the amount of deadly shootings that take place in the USA. And as much as I try to understand why Americans find it so important to keep hold of their guns. I don’t understand why lawmakers stay so indifferent on the subject. Local news here reported there already have been 18 shootings this year in schools in the US. We are 44 days in 2018. No child should fear for his life at their school.
#usa #schoolshooting #kids #gunproblem #changenow

#changenow #gunproblem #kids #schoolshooting #usa

I hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day. We are not so much celebrating the holiday. And I would rather share a little story that debunked an old urban legend instead. We often feel superior to our ancestors, and see them as dumb and ignorant people. So when it comes down to sexuality, we like to belief we know all about it now. And they didn’t have a clue back then. How wrong we were.
The old myth talks about the origin of sex toys. But, vibrators were not used on the clitoris to cure hysteria. They were used to cure a lot of diseases. But not in a sexual way. And not even on women solely. It’s an old myth that allows us to talk about a pornographic fantasy in public. And that’s probably the main reason it persists. The real history of sex toys dates back 30.000 years to toys made of bone and ivory and teeth.

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A good place to travel to (on Google Maps), is Whittier (Alaska, USA). A town with roughy 200 people who almost all live in the same building. Every citizin helps to keep the town running. On the first floor of the building you’ll find the police department, grocery store, medical clinic and the post office. On the top floor there is a bed and breakfast.
From Wikipedia: “Whittier Police Department is the main police force in the community. The department was founded in 1974 by Chief of Police Gordon Whittier and two officers, and retains the same level of permanent staff today, although In summer temporary officers are hired when the town has many tourists.”
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#alaska #isolatedplaces #travel #usa #whittier

When it comes to styling advice. I must admit I prefer simple and straightforward advice. 3 fool-proof color combinations match that criteria. You can read the full article on @valetmag.
My favorite combination is without a doubt the classic olive green & navy combination. I think most of my current wardrobe will match those colors already.
Tan & indigo should be an easy to understand combination as well. Even though I might prefer describing it as beige & light blue.
A slightly daring combination is definitely pink & brown. But in all fairness, it is the only real masculin way to wear pink in my opinion.
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#brown #color #combos #foolproof #indigo

It’s not uncommon for parents to look forward to that one moment. That moment your kid decides to sleep through the whole night. Finally! Nevertheless you’ll still wake up a few times that night. Just because you are used to.
I have read this a few times, and the one linked to this post (find it in the bio) explains it again. Sleeping through the night is a matter of definition. As a parent you consider a good night’s sleep as at least 8 hours of rest. But for your baby it’s a mere 5 hours. So putting your baby to sleep at 7 in the evening, it will wake up around midnight. And yes. Again at 5 in the morning. The brutal truth is that your kid shouldn’t be sleeping through until they go to school!
The reason your kid will probably wake up a few times at night, is because it wants to be fed. According to the World Health Organization @who, babies should drink breastmilk up to 2 years old. And feeding during the night is still important in this period. It will help with their growth and development.
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#baby #breastmilk #fatherhood #mydaughter #parent

Within 4.6m years the Y chromosome might disappear. Unlike all other chromosomes, Y chromosomes are only ever present as a single copy, passed from fathers to their sons. So what does that mean? The demise of men? Not quite. Some species already lost their Y chromosomes completely. And males and females are both still necessary for reproduction. In these cases the SRY master switch gene that determines genetic maleness has moved to a different chromosome. And the interesting thing about humans is that while the Y chromosome is needed for normal human reproduction, many of the genes it carries are not necessary if you use genetic engineering. Even though that means same-sex female couples or infertile men will be able to conceive. It seems highly unlikely that fertile humans would just stop reproducing naturally.
#science #ychromosome #men #humanrace

#humanrace #men #science #ychromosome

Again someone claims to have picture of the great Banksy @banksy. It’s a photo of a guy disguised with glasses and a hat. I’m not posting the photo here as I don’t believe it is what the artist would want.
In the past I have had an online art magazine, and co-founded a local art gallery. What I’ve learned during the years, is that the identity of the artist adds up to the experience. Same happens in other media like music or movies.
To enjoy art it’s not relevant who made it. You don’t need an explanation in order to understand it. When it becomes something personal you can enjoy the beauty of it. Or make up your own meaningful message.
To put it in simple words. Who cares what Banksy looks like?
#banksy #streetart #art #artist #myopinion

#art #artist #banksy #myopinion #streetart

China has a problem. There are 33.6 million more men than women in the country of 1.4 billion people. The gap results from it’s former one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons. The company EXDOLL wants to solve the problem of growing loneliness amongst men. By applying artificial intelligence to (sex) dolls to make them more life-like.
It’s going to be interesting to see where this evolution will take us. Just like it’s more common for couples to deliberately not have children. This might turn out to individuals not having a (human) partner.
#thefuture #sexdoll #artificialintelligence #ai #robots #futurefamilies #china #men

#ai #artificialintelligence #china #futurefamilies #men

Since Artificial Intelligence gains more followers in the science community and beyond. Some of this technology is publicly accessible. Thanks to open source projects technology like machine learning is free to be used by anyone. The recent upcoming of the deepfake craze is a good example on how we still have a lot to learn. Besides of the legality, there are far more ethical complications.
With the new tool users can easily swap the faces of celebrities onto preexisting video images. In other words, videos in which the faces of porn stars have been replaced by celebrity faces. It’s terrifying how real they look. And we start to wonder what would happen if it were your face on an adult star’s body. Revenge porn would reach a whole different level. #ThatsHarassment
However, is technology to blame? Or do we really need some lessons in social skills? In the light of fake news and the digital age, there might be an increasing need for skepticism.
#fakenews #deepfake #celebporn #digitalage #ai

#ai #celebporn #deepfake #digitalage #fakenews

In the light of the #MeToo movement, David Schwimmer @_schwim_ was asked to co-produce a series of short films title #ThatsHarassment. It happens all too often that people use their position to take advantage of a situation. And we cannot always argue it happens unknowingly. Dark Harbor Stories and Milk @milk present “#ThatsHarassment” created, written and directed by Sigal Avin.

#MeToo #ThatsHarassment

Whether is a marketing stunt, a joke taken at the point of no return or just because they can. Elon Musk’s The Boring Company already sold more than 10.000 flamethrowers. It’s like a Nerf gun for actual grown ups.
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#elonmusk #flamethrower #marketingstunt #masterplan #theboringcompany

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Take a break.
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#autumnwalk #family #friends #hike #inspiration