Dapper Esq. x GizMag

In 2008 GizMag started as a web magazine. Delivering fresh design, illustrations, and art in a bi-monthly PDF magazine. It stood out as being the only digital magazine with hand-written interviews from upcoming artists and creators. Today, after a long hiatus, GizMag is joining Dapper Esq. to deliver you fresh new digital art.

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Each showcase is a curated gallery of NFTs that together tell a new fictional story. The pieces were not made for this purpose but now they fulfill a secondary function. Discover digital art pieces from established and upcoming artists in a new way.

NFT and energy consumption

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens still have a large energy consumption, but as a sustainable business we support the Crypto Climate Accord to improve the impact on our climate. In addition, we pledge to support 1% for the Planet with our earnings from the sale of non-fungible tokens.