GizMag, design magazine

In 2008 GizMag started as a web magazine. Delivering fresh design, illustrations, and art in a bi-monthly PDF magazine. It stood out as being the only digital magazine with hand-written interviews from upcoming artists and creators.

Interviews included artists such as Space Invaders, Audrey Kawasaki, Jon Burgerman, Alex Prager, Jeremyville, Julie West, eBoy, Nathan Jurevicius, McBess, Camilla d’Errico, 64 Colors, Jeffrey Brown, and so many other great artists! You’ll find the PDF magazines below.

After 2010 the magazine continued as a blog full of inspiration. And The now archived website is no longer available.

In 2009 GizMag joined Postcard of a Painting to co-found a new street art gallery Alley. Today, the design studio is still active in producing and curating design projects.

After a few years’ hiatus, GizMag is now part of Dapper Esq. Still focused on spreading inspiration and being a creative outlet.