I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day. We are not so much celebrating the holiday. And I would rather share a little story that debunked an old urban legend instead. We often feel superior to our ancestors, and see them as dumb and ignorant people. So when it comes down to sexuality, we like to belief we know all about it now. And they didn't have a clue back then. How wrong we were. The old myth talks about the origin of sex toys. But, vibrators were not used on the clitoris to cure hysteria. They were used to cure a lot of diseases. But not in a sexual way. And not even on women solely. It's an old myth that allows us to talk about a pornographic fantasy in public. And that's probably the main reason it persists. The real history of sex toys dates back 30.000 years to toys made of bone and ivory and teeth. #historyofsex #sextoys #urbanlegend #valentinesday #vibrator

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