China has a problem. There are 33.6 million more men than women in the country of 1.4 billion people. The gap results from it's former one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons. The company EXDOLL wants to solve the problem of growing loneliness amongst men. By applying artificial intelligence to (sex) dolls to make them more life-like.
It's going to be interesting to see where this evolution will take us. Just like it's more common for couples to deliberately not have children. This might turn out to individuals not having a (human) partner.
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Since Artificial Intelligence gains more followers in the science community and beyond. Some of this technology is publicly accessible. Thanks to open source projects technology like machine learning is free to be used by anyone. The recent upcoming of the deepfake craze is a good example on how we still have a lot to learn. Besides of the legality, there are far more ethical complications.
With the new tool users can easily swap the faces of celebrities onto preexisting video images. In other words, videos in which the faces of porn stars have been replaced by celebrity faces. It's terrifying how real they look. And we start to wonder what would happen if it were your face on an adult star's body. Revenge porn would reach a whole different level. #ThatsHarassment
However, is technology to blame? Or do we really need some lessons in social skills? In the light of fake news and the digital age, there might be an increasing need for skepticism.
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Slaughterbots is a shortfilm to warn us about the future of killer robots. It might seem science fiction, but we are getting close to make this reality. Be warned that this video might come off as disturbing. The video was created by and Stuart Russell, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. "This short film is more than just speculation. It shows the results of integrating and miniaturizing technology that we already have."
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As technology is going to evolve faster than we can perceive. Many labor work will be automated by robots. Even though there is no global consensus on when this will happen exactly. You can be sure artificial intelligence will be able to outperform many human tasks in the next couple of decades. And they predict that in 100 years all of our jobs will be taken over by machines. What will we humans be doing? I'm not sure. But there will be tasks that will still be conducted by humans. Just because we want them to be. Would you get your next tattoo by this industrial robot?
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