Within 4.6m years the Y chromosome might disappear. Unlike all other chromosomes, Y chromosomes are only ever present as a single copy, passed from fathers to their sons. So what does that mean? The demise of men? Not quite. Some species already lost their Y chromosomes completely. And males and females are both still necessary for reproduction. In these cases the SRY master switch gene that determines genetic maleness has moved to a different chromosome. And the interesting thing about humans is that while the Y chromosome is needed for normal human reproduction, many of the genes it carries are not necessary if you use genetic engineering. Even though that means same-sex female couples or infertile men will be able to conceive. It seems highly unlikely that fertile humans would just stop reproducing naturally.
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China has a problem. There are 33.6 million more men than women in the country of 1.4 billion people. The gap results from it's former one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons. The company EXDOLL wants to solve the problem of growing loneliness amongst men. By applying artificial intelligence to (sex) dolls to make them more life-like.
It's going to be interesting to see where this evolution will take us. Just like it's more common for couples to deliberately not have children. This might turn out to individuals not having a (human) partner.
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Without projecting a single study on a larger group and generalizing the according findings, I do believe we have to be careful with minimizing the issue. Hegemonic masculinity is the idea that one’s machismo must be broadcast constantly, no matter what he is dealing with or how he feels inside. And it has taken its role on the suicide rate amongst white males in the US. One way to overcome this to update our definition of masculinity for the 21st century. Read more about why being a white male is nowadays subject for withering your mental health, on the Big Think @bigthinkers.
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Okay, okay, it has been quiet around here. But I'm working on expanding the website just a little bit. Hold on. We are almost there. In the meantime. Subscription boxes are hot right now. And it's hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. So Esquire @esquire has your back. Check out these 15 best subscription boxes for men. Link in bio!
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We just sent out our first interview in our newsletter. I had an interesting talk with the man behind Beardbrand @beardbrand, Eric Bandholz @ericbandholz. He talks about the company, the products and let us peek inside his personal life. He's one of the prime examples of what I would call a dapper man. To use his words: "Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Designer." If you don't want to miss out on this and our next interviews, subscribe to our newsletter now!
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This book has been released a couple of years ago. But nonetheless it's still a great conversation starter or coffee table book. Matthew Rainwaters @mattrainwaters photographed the men of the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska (US) and collected them in his book "Beard".
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@3sixteen releases new Iterastions series this summer. It's a sandbox for limited-run releases between seasons. They are introducing the Indigo Block Long Sleeve and the Indigo Bandana Short Sleeve. Shown here is the Indigo Bandana Short Sleeve with a hand printed pattern. It launches today (26/5) at selected retailers and their website. Read more through the link in our bio.
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I was probably the same a few years back. Went to some unisex chain salon, just because it was easier and nearby. My hair always looked different depending on the girl that was available. And I sat there in silence for more than an hour. Growing a serious beard made me realize that you need a good barber to look after it. Not just a hair stylist. But someone who knows what they are doing. A barber knows how to handle your hair (or in my case the lack of it). And will give you free and great advice how to maintain your beard. Even without a beard I would recommend a clean shave at the barber. It will be the best shave you'll ever had. Trust me.
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I keep reading these should be perfect as a gift. So I would recommend to buy one of these toiletry bag as a gift for yourself. I've never seen a more rugged cosmetic bag than these handcrafted leather bags from the Etsy shop @creazionidiangelina. Made in Italy!
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