I have been told a few times lately and I witnessed it myself this summer. So it must be true. The 90s are back. Fashionwise. But I'm not sure if I'm happy with this trend. Does it really mean bleached hair, chain wallets and wristbands are back?! You might see it as an ironic statement to wear your favorite Cher T-shirt, but I'm going to pass on this. With one exception. Technically they already exist since the 60s, but the Adilettes became part of the 90s style.
Photo taken from @adilettensupporter.
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I haven't been through them all obviously, but as far as I can see this is a pretty interesting list of music. Check out the 100 best albums of the nineties, selected by Rolling Stone @rollingstone. Happy listening! Link in bio! Photo by @unsplash.
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