It's not uncommon for parents to look forward to that one moment. That moment your kid decides to sleep through the whole night. Finally! Nevertheless you'll still wake up a few times that night. Just because you are used to.
I have read this a few times, and the one linked to this post (find it in the bio) explains it again. Sleeping through the night is a matter of definition. As a parent you consider a good night's sleep as at least 8 hours of rest. But for your baby it's a mere 5 hours. So putting your baby to sleep at 7 in the evening, it will wake up around midnight. And yes. Again at 5 in the morning. The brutal truth is that your kid shouldn't be sleeping through until they go to school!
The reason your kid will probably wake up a few times at night, is because it wants to be fed. According to the World Health Organization @who, babies should drink breastmilk up to 2 years old. And feeding during the night is still important in this period. It will help with their growth and development.
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I love the contrast between those two. My respect for @therock grew a lot these last years. The man seems to be in a happy mood all the time. He's tries to be an inspiration to all his fans. And I believe he succeeds very well. Let's hope this presidency is for real.
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"I treat my wife as an employee whom I cannot fire". It's rather sad. Albert Einstein's family paid the price for his genius. He had the ability to tune out all distractions while he was working. Unfortunately that also included his wife and children. It might seem funny to read he presented his wife with a contract (similar to Sheldon's relationship agreement). But his son is quoted saying: "Probably the only project he ever gave up on was me."
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Good advice for a mother, is good advice for any parent. Parenting is a complex task. Nobody said it would be easy. Here are 10 habits to shape a kind, well-adjusted child.
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I read a quote somewhere that people still awake at 3am are either in love, drunk or lonely. I do feel very lonely working at 3am to meet a deadline. Or very much in love, cleaning up puke from my kids. But drunk? No, not really. Need to have a clear head tomorrow morning...
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As a father I can't help it. You have to admit is hard not to be smitten with Rosie, daughter of David Clark @davidavidavid.
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