Without getting too much into politics. This video of AJ+ @ajplus explains a trend that is visible worldwide. Apparently humans are getting fewer children. To keep populations stable in industrialized countries, we need to have 2.1 babies. But those numbers are lower in the US and Europe. And in Japan these numbers seem to be the lowest with just 1.41 babies per woman. It's not a matter of infertility, but it's a clear choice. As we become more focused on our careers, gaining more money, getting a better health. We tend to live longer, and just have less babies.
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If you are ever lost, you'll need some skills to find your way back to civilization. Learn these five natural navigation tricks looking at the moon, stars, trees and more. They are tips from author Tristan Gooley. Who shares useful tips and insights aimed at helping people notice simple truths about the world around them. And once you know these, you will never be able to unsee them again. Illustrations by Chelsea Beck.
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