I'm not sure if you can reheat your pizza leftovers the wrong way, so let's just agree that this is an alternative way. It takes more time. It's more work. And you need to clean more dishes. But it might be worth a try. Some pizza place in New York (US) called Roberta's has gone viral with instructions to reheat your pizza in a frying pan. Check it out on the blog of Glamour Magazine.
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I was probably the same a few years back. Went to some unisex chain salon, just because it was easier and nearby. My hair always looked different depending on the girl that was available. And I sat there in silence for more than an hour. Growing a serious beard made me realize that you need a good barber to look after it. Not just a hair stylist. But someone who knows what they are doing. A barber knows how to handle your hair (or in my case the lack of it). And will give you free and great advice how to maintain your beard. Even without a beard I would recommend a clean shave at the barber. It will be the best shave you'll ever had. Trust me.
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@beardicure is talking about 7 most common beard problems and how you can put them to rest. Read the full article on @manofmanytastes.
I have experience with at least 3 of those problems. The most annoying one is definitely a tangled beard. Use a good comb with wide teeth to clean out those knots. And use a brush to smooth things out again. It will remove that tension from your face.

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