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The man behind Beardbrand talks about the relaunch of the Urban Beardsman. "When I was inspired to start Beardbrand, it was always about the community of urban beardsmen and uniting like-minded people who were feeling the societal pressure to not have a beard or to shave off their beard. I wanted to give those men the tools they needed to feel confident about their beards and about themselves." #balding #beard #beardbrand #entrepreneur #exercise #grooming


Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Designer.

Eric Bandholz is founder of Beardbrand. A company that aims to unite beardsmen for the past 5 years. Beardbrand wants to deliver high quality products. And wants to change the way society looks at beardsmen.

I think it’s pretty cool to see how passionate you and the rest of the team work on Beardbrand. Together with the Urban Beardsman you create an unique and inspiring brand. With your new tagline “Keep on Growing” you want to be more than a company that sells products. What would you say is the most important way to accomplish this?

It’s easy to say have a mission and stick with it, but life is more complex than that. I think it’s important to define your core values as well as your mission and then live by them. They need to come from a deep seated philosophical connection to the owners of the company. Speaking of which, the less cooks you have in the kitchen, the easier it is to make sure you stay authentic to the values. At Beardbrand, I have two other co-founders and we are debt free. We don’t have any outside interest pulling the strings and pressuring us to produce in ways that are outside our values.

I have a Beardbrand grooming kit which I use every day. And I would recommend it to everyone. But with so many quality products in your shop, what kind of product is the best selling?

The products we’ve had on our website the longest tend to do the best. So that means our beard oil. We have a wide variety of fragrances so guys can find and connect with the fragrance that fits their personality. The Beardsman’s Kit is really special to me because we didn’t hold back on quality at all. The black walnut box is made in The States with attention paid to the smallest details. Then filling it with high quality Beardbrand products just sets it apart that much more. One product I’m really excited about is our Utility Balm, which is pretty new. It’s a product you can use on your skin, tattoos, beard, or head. Pretty much anywhere to keep your body moisturized.

As I am balding myself, I’m happy to see that you include this topic on the blog as well. I learned to accept the fact that my hair is disappearing. And just started to cut it short. How would you handle hair loss yourself?

Well, I’m like the majority of guys and am seeing thinning hair. I think something like 70% of guys will experience hair loss of some fashion in their lifetime. Pretty crazy. At this point in my life, I fall into the camp of using the tools available to keep it. Products like Rogaine, finasteride and ketoconzale do a great job of slowing down or stopping the loss and in some cases growing it back. I talked a bit more about it a couple of months ago.

Being busy running Beardbrand, I can imagine it is sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy mind and body when you get home. How do you manage your free time?

I’m definitely past my athletic prime which took me a little while to come to terms with. I’ve tried to integrate healthy habits into my life rather than have “exercise time.” So that means I park my car about 1 mile from my office and walk into and out of work. That helps me get to my 7500 – 10000 steps a day goal. It also doesn’t feel like I’m doing much more to keep my body in shape. In addition to that I’ve cut out or limited red meats, sugary drinks, and processed foods. My time when I get home is spent with my wife and daughter.

Besides from what you want to accomplish with Beardbrand, what else do you want to achieve in the future?

One of my goals is to live in a foreign country for a few years and really integrate into those communities. I’d love to learn a different language while I do that and push my comfort levels of daily living. I’ve set some goals at Beardbrand to hit and when I do that hopefully my wife will be on board. 😀

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Photo by Hannah Miles.