A World Without Plastic Pollution


In support of Earth Day on April 22, this month's profits from the Dapper Esq shop on Etsy will be donated to the global campaign. Make your choice between an octopus, an old sailor or any other shirt to show your support! Find all items on etsy.com/shop/DapperEsq. #charity #earthday #etsy #goodcause #octopus #plasticage #plasticpollution #support #tshirt

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April 22 is Earth Day. A day to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. One of the campaigns this year, is to end plastic pollution. We all heard about the stone age or iron age. But we seem to ignore that we are living in the age of plastic. 300 million tons of plastic are sold each year and 90% of that is thrown away. What happens to all that plastic waste? The majority ends up landfills, oceans, wildlife and even in our bodies. It’s time we either clean up this mess, or start producing less or smarter, reusable plastics. Over at earthday.org you can sign a petition to ask global leaders to take action.

Show your support

In order to support the initiative, I’m donating all profits from this month to the Earth Day global campaign. If you like to support Dapper Esq and Earth Day, visit the Etsy shop. Make this octopus happy, so it can swim freely in our oceans again!

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