Breaking through the noise


There is a lot of noise on social media, and it’s hard to break through it. It uses our curiosity and our fear of missing out to keep us on the platform. It mines for our attention with highly adaptive algorithms. And forces us to share every moment and aspect of our life. But who’s reading it anyway? There is a big chance you are posting for yourself.

First, think about the reason and purpose of your social media account. A business builds a website with a specific goal. To attract more customers or to showcase their products. Social media has a similar purpose. They’ll use Instagram as a behind-the-scenes showcase, Facebook to increase conversations, and Twitter for publishing news updates. As an individual, you could do the same. Use Instagram as your inspiration photoblog, Facebook to connect with organizations you care about, and Twitter to join current discussions. So if you are not part of the conversation, you might need to reconsider the reasons you signed up in the first place.

We are easily annoyed by our news feed. A good rule to know what you should post is to imagine what value it can bring to others. Anything that has meaning on social media should have an extension beyond it. For example, what would you find more appealing? A picture of a friend visiting an inspiring expo? Or a picture of a beer because it’s yet another Friday?

Social media posts can ruin our day. It’s a fake world where everyone only showcases their happiness, success, and laughter. We rarely show the dark times except when we seek pity or compassion.

It’s better to maintain a healthy relationship with social media. You could be careful and picky about what you post. Not everything deserves an update. Sometimes you should stay in the moment to ensure it becomes a real memory. You could also decrease the number of notifications. Or disable them entirely. It will free up your time. And the fear of missing out will soon become the joy of missing out.

To better handle social media, it’s also a good practice to clean up your feed from time to time. It’s often easier to exclude toxic people from our lives, but we have a problem blocking them on social media. Just like a business is not obliged to join every social media platform (even though they usually do), you are neither. Nobody expects you to follow your friends on every social media channel. Luckily social media platforms don’t send out notifications once we stop following others. And sometimes, we have an option to keep the connection but hide their posts in our feed.

Social media is a handy tool for anyone. It connects you with people around the world, it will help you make like-minded friends, and it will find people with niche interests. To extend your world with social media, you should not let it dictate your time and energy. You are still in control. All you have to do is look up to explore the world from time to time.

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