Eat (your) green(s)


A plant-based diet is without a doubt still the greenest option. You can reduce your impact on the environment and slash your carbon footprint by skipping meat and dairy products from your diet. However, there is no diet that can be 100% eco proof. Some popular foods within the vegan culture can still be environmentally damaging.

The decision to go vegan, vegetarian, or to stick with a meat-based diet is still up to you. Nobody should feel any guilt about their choice of diet. Because you can still believe in pursuing certain goals in life, without the need to change every aspect of it. It’s up to you to decide what kind of difference you want to make in the world.

The problem lies with the choice you have when you pick groceries in your local supermarket. Even though every small step can make a difference, we need to be aware that if we want to change general behavior, those choices need to be easy. The available products should make the choice simple. Companies in the food industry should not only be encouraged to make their products more environmentally friendly, but it should also be the logical choice both from an ethical and a business point of view.

The best recommendations for your diet are:

  • reducing meat consumption
  • finding out how your food is grown and transported
  • buying only what you can consume

Products that lower your impact are:

  • locally produced
  • seasonal
  • limited in packaging
  • not wasted

So let’s start there. Let these guidelines help you in the consumption rather than the composition of your diet. Our society is geared towards consumerism and convenience. Living green should not feel like a daily struggle and should not dominate your life.

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