Get a life, get a hobby


Whenever you feel stressed out about your daily routine, it might be a sign you need some well-deserved me-time. But before you crawl into your personal space, make sure you address the root of the problem. Because a more sustainable way of dealing with stress is dealing with the cause of it. Of course, some things are temporary or might not be easily fixed. Then, finding a hobby that might help you blow off some steam, help you exercise, or learn something new, might be just what you need.

Try to think about what you like to do in life. Something that gives you energy. And besides reducing stress, improving your physical health, boost your social life, and more. Getting a hobby is also about having some fun. And it will help you to a more balanced life.

If you can’t find a thing you love doing, think back to when you still had all the time in the world. (Maybe a time when you were unemployed, didn’t have children, …) How did you pass the time back then? It is possible that you just lost track of that old hobby. And it might be time to pick up that guitar, skateboard, or paintbrush again.

To help you find a new suitable hobby, try Game Quitters’ hobby tool. While they fight against videogame addiction, they’ve also created a very lavish list of choices to get you going.

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