Technology on the rise


While remote work is becoming the norm this year, it’s clear that we depend more on technology than ever before. Telework forces us to communicate differently and work smarter. A quick call is replaced with a quick chat through video. And somehow it reassures me that we start to believe in the advantages of technology again.

I’ve always been a big technology buff, but with new tech new worries arise in our society. Documentaries like The Social Dilemma (Netflix, 2020) tells us to be skeptical about how we communicate through new media. And we do need to be careful about our approach to these technological advances. But just like the nineties movie Hackers told us, you need to trust your technolust. With every new invention, we need to adapt our way of doing things. We need to analyze the threats, and take advantage of the opportunities.

So let’s embrace our technology. Talk to your coworkers or loved ones through video calls. Reinvent your business based on this new normal. Go online and find new ways to organize yourself. Teach your kids about smartphones, programming, and computer games. Help each other with improving our digital skills. Because in times like these, technology can do what it does best: bringing us together.

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