The Dark Knight, 10 years later


As a fan of the superhero genre, The Dark Knight left a big impression on me. Much more than it’s prequel or sequel. And it did so for many people. It’s dark, realistic and way more serious than the typical cartoonish movies at the time. The movie was rewarded with 2 Oscars in 2009.

The performance of Heath Ledger is probably one of the main reasons why the movie became an instant classic. Up to then, I only knew him for his performance in romantic comedies and patriotic dramas. But with his role as the Joker, he proved what he was worth. His performance is considered one of the best on-screen villains and is now benchmarked against any villain in Hollywood.

The Dark Knight changed the genre forever. And probably helped making superheroes even more popular. After 10 years, we saw a few dozen comic movies in theaters. But you can ask any fan for his top 5. The Dark Knight will probably be in it somewhere.

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