The Traveling Wave Reactor built by TerraPower


The philanthropist, business magnate, and software developer Bill Gates founded the company TerraPower in 2006. The company is developing a class of nuclear fast reactors called the traveling wave reactor (TWR). It’s an attempt to develop a clean and safe way to generate energy for future generations with nuclear power. The reactors are built to withstand disasters and the worst that could happen is that it stops producing energy, and not that any of the radioactive materials got out. Another advantage would be that it could actually reduce stockpiles with the waste of unwanted byproducts from current nuclear powerplants.

The company made plans to build its first prototype. And due to funding, it could be easily constructed in China. They can do it quickly, easily, and cheaply. They are also building more reactors and have the know-how to assist in the project. Sadly, the project had been abandoned due to technology transfer limitations placed by the Trump administration.

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