What’s the right way to drink whiskey?


Whether you like to drink your whiskey neat, on the rocks or with water, is up to you. But science can help us understand what happens when you add water. For the most part it will have a negative impact on the flavor. But if whiskey overpowers you. Go ahead, and add those rocks. #addwater #drinks #glasses #guaiacol #huckberry #ontherocks #science #whiskey

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Let’s settle this for once and for all. The right way, is the way you want to drink it. I like my whiskey neat. But apparently, according to this scientific exploration, there is sometimes a reason to add some water.

One of the compounds of whiskey, guaiacol, will give it its smoky flavor. If whiskey is less than 59% alcohol, its guaiacol will stay near the surface and evaporate up into your nose. Whiskey with a higher percentage of alcohol, can use some water to stimulate that same effect. Fortunately, most whiskeys have around 40% alcohol. Adding water will not do any good for the flavor.

Drinking your whiskey on the rocks, is never a good idea. Ice actually slows down evaporation, which means less flavors will reach your nose. Alternatively, drink your whiskey in these peak rocks whiskey glasses from Huckberry.