Why nobody is going to save you


Everyone has a different approach to climate change. So do I. Watching the YouTube channel “Our Changing Climate” explaining the different approaches from celebrities, and wondering if they can create the change we need, is pretty interesting. But, I don’t think it is an important question to ask. And I don’t think the answer matters. As every approach is a good one, I want to believe in the power of one. And I want to believe that every step forward is a step towards a better future.

At the base of climate change lay some fundamental problems that are hard to change. Capitalism is one of them. Meaning we need to implement a new economic model that works with the environment instead of against it. Making changes on this scale is not done overnight. It’s a process that takes time, too much time. So I’m convinced we need quick wins and short-term solutions to speed up the process. And for this to work, we first need a movement and change in our society on an individual level.

The more individuals we can convince to make changes to their lifestyle, the more they will influence others and cause a chain reaction. I am convinced that we need to change the supply in order to change the demand, instead of the other way around. But that’s easier said than done. The power of one will need to become the movement for the supply to change. It is easier to actuate smaller parts of the movement than the group as a whole. And I strongly believe we need influencers and ambassadors to make this happen.

However, the video of OCC does not go against the celebrity as a person. It is hypocritical and easy to delegitimize their climate advocacy by attacking their personal actions. But it does question their motives. I do not doubt that those who publicly fight climate change will also benefit from it, gaining positive attention and improving their public image to name just a few.

Going against a system is best done by fighting it from the inside and from multiple angles. Whether you still travel by private plane to pick up a climate award, or you get arrested by taking direct action on the streets. I have the same respect for both approaches. Which ultimately will bring us to the same goal. And that’s taking on climate change.

I’m not an activist myself, and I don’t plan on going rogue and join street protests soon. But I want to do my part too and help with some guidance for whoever needs it.

So, are celebrities going to save us? Not really. But they do make great ambassadors. Am I going to save you? Not really either. But I do want to point you to the answers that will.

Picture by Michael Buholzer, WE Form 2016, Creative Commons

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