Dive into a world of discovery, learning, and fun with YouTube Kids


Unfortunately not available in all regions, but (for Android) users you can still find the app on the web if you know where to look. The YouTube Kids app.

There are plenty of kid friendly videos on YouTube. But not all of them might be parent friendly. Thanks to the mobile app from YouTube, our kids can watch videos in a safe and easy way. And with the new update you can even block videos or channels as a parent. Bye bye to those annoying sing-along videos!

If you haven’t heard of the app. It was already launched in 2015. And everything has been thought of: speech control, parental control, easy to use and a safe environment for kids. In addition, parents keep control over how long their children are allowed to watch videos. And all advertising should be curated. Even though you might have second thoughts about ads targeted at children. We still need to appreciate that it has been taken into account. This way children are not exposed to ads that might not be appropriate for them.

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Visit kids.youtube.com