Do you believe in Karma?


The actions you take in life will have an effect on your future. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the theory of Karma might hold some truth. I still believe that some things happen randomly. You play the lotto and you’re a winner, a loved one gets sick and passes away, you walk down the street and a car hits you. It’s random stuff that seems to be happening for no reason.

But then again, I want to believe in Karma. Good things happening to good people. It must be true! It also means you can’t get away with anything. Everything you do that is immoral will come back to haunt you. You create a crack in your path and it fills up with all sorts of things. So you don’t always know that the initial act caused a cascade of negative events.

Taking responsibility for yourself, your life, and everything that happens to you is hard. We have a tendency to play the victim. And wonder why bad things are happening to us. We tell ourselves it’s just the effect of life. But you need to give up blame and give up victimhood. Take full responsibility and realize that the result of your actions has put yourself in this situation.

It’s a hard pill to swallow.

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