Highly sensitive kid


Highly sensitive children are often misunderstood, and sometimes even diagnosed with other disorders. However it is just a trait, a style in personality. But it must be understood and taken into account when raising your child. They need to be appreciated, to have their special needs and sometimes intense reactions and behaviors accepted. And when needed, handled with special care. #highlysensitive #kid #personality

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I’m still pretty new to this topic. And I’m trying to read up on it as much as I can. So this is probably a first post of a series.

One of the things that is crucial but still hard to do, is to figure out if your kid is indeed highly sensitive or not. It is not an illness nor a syndrome. It’s a style in personality, and found in 20% of children (and nearly all animals).¬†Anything so persistent is not abnormal. However, the child must be raised with understanding.¬†Otherwise, as adults, they are prone to depression, anxiety, and shyness. The trait is still somewhat misunderstood. And is often identified by one aspect, like shyness or fearfulness. But in contrast the kid is actually highly creative, intuitive, wise and has great empathy.

There are some good tests you can use to determine if your kid (or even yourself) is highly sensitive. They usually have a few simple statements that you need to answer with true or false. You can start with the test of Dr. Elaine Aron. But be careful, no psychological test is ever so accurate.

For my son, I answered at least 15 of these questions with “true”.