It’s time to take fatherhood seriously


Take proud, you are father now. #family #fatherhood #parenting

I stumbled upon this article today. Rosie, a wife and mother, describes very well how a father is often seen as incapable of being a parent. It might be a matter of changing our language to describe a dad. Terms like a “working father” are never used, but a “father babysitting his own kids” is.

When you are a family, parenting is not done by a single person. If you share a child, you share the responsibility for raising that child. That means feeding, changing the diaper, and getting up at night. Trying to make time to play with your kid and learning them something new every day. Raising a child can be very time consuming, but luckily it is very rewarding too.

So whenever you are unsure you are doing the right thing, remember that everything will turn out fine. Everybody makes mistakes, even in parenting. But you learn, and you move on. You will know what to do next time.