Lessons learned


After 2 years of this pandemic, it’s time for lessons learned. Wouldn’t you agree?

Governments better are prepared for the next pandemic. The European Council already approved conclusions in 4 areas: crisis management, supply of medical products, access to health data, and strengthening its role in global health. But it’s yet to see if any of this will be different next time. Because, it’s not the first pandemic, so it’s probably not the last either.

On a personal level, we might need to do the same. As we slowly pull ourselves out of our protected bubbles, to be sucked in again with each new wave. We feel that our freedom is confined. And that our democracy is attacked. But that’s probably far from the truth. If we can draw one conclusion it is that we are still very agile when it comes to a crisis. Our motivation and our solutions however might not be. We tend to look at things from an individualistic point of view, rather than a community standpoint. And the answers we seek are being pushed for all the wrong reasons.

Critical thinking has nothing to do with questioning scientific facts. Free will has nothing to do with doing whatever you want whenever you want. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with speaking out about everything at any time.

We need to learn about consensus and compromises again. We need to understand that democracy is about giving everyone a voice and finding that common ground. We are good at it because we do it all the time. We forget that to get what we want, we need to give something up.

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