Outdoor kitchen tools by Swiss Advance

Geert 08-02-2017

Even though these are meant to be used outdoor, I actually keep them close to my working desk. So I always have kitchen tools available at snack time. Besides that, I usually pack the pocket knife in my bag when we’re going on a trip. This 5-part model features a bottle opener, a wire stripper, a cm-scale, 4 hexagons, a carving knife blade and a screwdriver.

I’m loving these products from Swiss Advance. I’ve always been keen on pocket knifes. I’ve collected a few throughout the years. And I cherish the one I inherited from my late grandfather. He carried it around all the time.

The Bento Box is a superb food container. However I’m not sure if I like the rubber bands that much. It’s a little bit of a hassle to fasten it. But you will fall in love with this beautiful bamboo box. It’s handmade in Vietnam and exists out of all natural materials. Next time you need to prepare lunch for work, make sure it will fit in here. And your food will look and taste twice as good.