Parenting around the world


Parenting is not the same in every part of the world. Heck, not even in every household in your own town. And that’s okay. We learn from each other. Because somewhere in the middle is the best way to raise a kid. Take a look at these 11 parenting styles around the world. You might not agree with all of them. But every culture brings its own rules and morals to the mix.

The one thing I have learned since I’ve become a dad 4 years ago, is that you shouldn’t stress on your parenting techniques. I remember observing other parents. And thinking I would never do ‘this’ or ‘that’. But soon I realized that parenting is not really about following those principles or by the traditions you already know. Parenting is about giving your children what they need. Giving them the space to figure out stuff on their own. And helping them along the way.

We have a saying at our house: “whatever works”. If our kid wants to eat dinner while watching TV or take his favorite toy to bed, then screw it. So be it. That doesn’t mean you have to give in on everything they ask for. You don’t need to spoil them. But you should embrace the fact that they need to learn how to take decisions on their own. There is always a next time. You’ll get another chance.

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