Pop-up books


Not that long ago, my wife bought a new pop-up book to read to our kids. Yes, they managed to tear one of the pages within the first 24 hours. But they’re also very keen on it! It’s a book about vampires, monsters and ghosts. It’s fun, they discover something new everytime and I think they just love the innocent horror you can only find in this type of books. So today I had to flip through the pages again, and again. Take a look yourself: Pop-up Haunted House

After putting them to bed, I scrolled through my Instagram feed. And stumbled upon a new mobile app Bookful. Even though it’s entirely in English, I’m probably going to introduce it to my (Dutch speaking) kids later.

Sure, recent studies might claim that reading print books is still a better choice. You can’t deny that the magic on the digital screens is a great way to add some variation to bedtime story reading.

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