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Every individual has a moral obligation to make this world a better place. That might sound naive and idealistic, but that doesn’t make it less so. Looking at climate change, the corona pandemic, and the grown polarisation in our society, it’s clear that we don’t always handle a crisis that well. Humans are very agile when under pressure. But often have an unrealistic view of individualism. We are still herd animals which means we need to make decisions often beyond our right of individual freedom and self-realization. The latter should amplify the greater whole in individual actions rather than the reason for scapegoating others.

This blog is operated by a one-person company, a sole proprietor. Being concerned by our global challenges, I want to commit to sustainable goals. Of course, promises are easily made and setting goals doesn’t mean a true commitment. So I realize that validation and verification are needed.

Plenty of organizations help to set strict targets, of which the majority are on climate action. But my frustration grows when financial engagements are required. It’s not because I believe these organizations need to work pro-bono, but because every company can not commit to paying for these high, but necessary, service costs. And where do I stand if I would rather give to charities or active projects?

Getting involved in the SDGs is a complex task. From the top, these goals are simple and easy to understand. But going deeper into the possible strategies behind them, it becomes clear that they are focused and extensive which could be more easily handled by large corporations. And that might scare off and discourage most of us right from the start. As an independent or small organization, you are fully motivated and observing from the sidelines. But a little frustrated because you don’t really get to participate.

Communicating your own goals and actions in public is necessary. You have a responsibility to validate your own actions. Or you can ask your community to do this for you. That’s why I started a new project called FWD Message. It’s a platform focused on communication tools for small businesses and associations. And it makes it possible to create a list of sustainable actions that can be voted on by your community and stakeholders.

I hope to push myself to the next level of setting sustainable development goals. And inspire others to do the same. As an individual, you can also set your sustainable lifestyle goals on the platform which benefits the same purpose.

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