The story of religion


To find peace with and within yourself, there are a few things a person can do. Meditating can produce a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. Yoga can foster harmony in the body and mind. Religion can bring you spiritual guidance. And if that’s not something you are up to, you can find peace in hiking, dancing, painting, or other recreational activities.

Whatever way you choose to find inner peace or spirituality, remember that they all have the same outcome even though you can’t compare them in a traditional sense. What is fascinating is that they all have a certain way of looking at life and its origin. 

Can we still find truth in religion?

Our civilization might have an important foundation on what is known as religion. In the early settlements, people came together to talk, eat and worship. This concept hasn’t changed today, but the context and focus are different. 

Religion has given us purpose, a reason to exist, and a destination in eternity. But it never succeeded in telling an honest and scientific truth. However, they all try to explain the story of creation. And even though we no longer share that same story, they often are compatible with the big bang theory. A descendant from the heavens or a god that is space and time. It defines creation as a continuum, an ongoing process in the universe. Something we like to call evolution. Today, the catholic church agrees with this fact. And defines Genesis, the biblical story, as a theological explanation and not a scientific one. 

Why is religion still important to us?

Religion has historical and spiritual significance. It often provides us with a better understanding of what is happening today. And besides its traditions that founded most of our cultural views, it can still provide comfort in difficult times, or a foothold in uncertain circumstances.

In the end, it is the wonder that we are here that deserves our gratitude. And therefore belief should unite us in a world without end.

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