Things you need to know about sugar


I’m a sweet tooth. Cutting sugar from my life seems like an impossible goal. But I do wonder if my sugar intake could cause health problems. Stumbling on this article about “8 big lies about sugar” does present me with some reassurement. Not all sugar is bad, cutting sugar from life is not necessary and sugar is not a drug.

People may crave sugar, but it’s unlikely the average person is addicted. Addiction is a serious medical condition based on actual brain changes that make it difficult for people to stop the use of a drug. Casually comparing sugar to drugs makes light of addiction.

The main conclusion is that if you moderate what you eat, it will be okay. Cutting sugar from your diet means that your general food intake will decrease. So like most diets, losing weight is a result of eating less.

Replacing sugar with natural sweeteners is not bad. You do get more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help offset some of the negative aspects of the sugar content. But in the end, it isn’t that much different.

Your body might not actually need any sugar, so having less is better, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any at all. Just, with moderation.

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