Watch out for remote burnout


During the current worldwide crisis, we all have to make sacrifices and we need to adapt to the new normal. As there currently is no solution in sight, and a vaccine or cure is still in early development, we tell ourselves to settle with our new way of living. From a business perspective, it will probably continue to evolve for the worse, before we can speak of business as usual. One of the important measurements governments take is to advise people to do as much remote work as possible. Of course not in every sector it will be feasible to realize such a work habit. But if we are honest, most work will continue perfectly in remote teams.

With remote work, the rules have changed. We spend more time behind screens, the boundaries between work and home disappear, and we need to comply our daily tasks with these new rules. In order to find the right balance between work and home, we have to stick to some of the old rules. But reshape them to match the new environment.

  1. Pay attention to your routines. They create boundaries between work and home. Stick to a daily schedule, and find a way to define the transition between your work and your family life.
  2. Manage your pace. What it means is that you need to find a sustainable balance between the energy you need to do your work, and the tasks that give you the energy to continue.
  3. Set a good workspace. It can be anywhere in your home, but make it feel like a workplace.

Now that you are working from home, don’t underestimate the importance of your work/life balance. It still exists even though it might not always feel that way. Accept that your family asks for your time and your attention. Don’t rely on template work schedules you find online, but work out your own. Find the best moments for video conferences, for doing independent tasks, and for hobbies or household chores. It’s by investing in your personal wellbeing, you will have a higher chance to evade a burnout.

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