Why do you travel?


If we can learn something from today’s crises, it’s that traveling doesn’t come without consequences. Either to our own health safety or to the environment. By now we understand that traveling by plane for instance releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Have you ever looked at the chemtrails in the sky? There are dozens of planes at almost any moment.

During this pandemic, traveling is subjected to necessary measures. Sitting in a confined place with people from different countries and so close to each other for a long period increases the danger of catching the coronavirus, according to scientific studies. And maybe we should draw lessons from it. Not because of our health safety, but because of our traveling habits. There are so many places nearby that are worth visiting and are perfectly safe.

Traveling should be about meeting people and doing things you can’t do closeby. Taking a plane just so we can go out and drink at different bars, should not be enough reason. So I propose we start enjoying our own neighborhood. There are beautiful places all-around our community. You just haven’t been paying attention.

Traveling locally can be more sustainable for yourself and the world. It will save you money, will be easier and less stressful, and will be less harmful to the environment. Besides, tourism in your own backyard can use your support as much as that of abroad!

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