Your personal contribution to the SDGs


Back in 2015, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were formally adopted by the United Nations. Over the next 15 years, the 17 SDGs would form an action plan to lift humanity out of poverty and put the planet back on course towards sustainability. These goals, which are one and indivisible, reflect the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social, and ecological.

But ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and fixing our climate, sound difficult tasks to accomplish. It requires cooperation among governments, organizations, and world leaders. So how can a single person contribute to these goals? What can you do to make an impact?

Every human on earth should be part of the solution. And there some easy things you can do to help. Start with reading what the 17 goals are. They are complex but easy to understand at the same time. Point your browser to the website of the United Nations and get reading!

Staying informed is probably the first logical step. Spreading the word the next. So, if you see an interesting story, don’t just like it on social media. Be part of the active community and share it on your profile.

Below are some steps you can take in and around your home, office, and community.

  • Save energy whenever you can. This can be done on different levels by unplugging devices and turning off lights you are not using, to air drying your laundry and choosing green transportation when possible.
  • Use less paper and go digital. Whether it is bank statements or reading books. Do you really need them printed?
  • Reduce your water usage. Try using shorter showers, and collect rain to water your plants later. Drinkable water is not accessible to everyone, so it’s important to save it. And while we are on the subject, don’t buy bottled water. In most countries, tap water is perfectly safe to drink.
  • Cut meat and fish out of your diet. This sounds much harder than you think. But if you are not ready to give up meat. Try switching to a plant-based diet for most of the week. Instead of one meatless day, introduce one cheat-meat day!
  • Cut your waste. Keep leftovers for the next day. Most food can be kept for another 3 days in your fridge. And as we are aware that not everything you recycle is actually being recycled. You have to be part of the solution. Try buying products with less packaging, or choose a product that doesn’t use plastic wrapping.
  • Support local shopping and locally produced products. And whenever possible, buy second-hand products.
  • Show your support against discrimination, injustice, and equal pay for equal work. Report bullies both online and offline. If you notice harassment on message boards or in your community, flag that person.
  • Inspire other people. Be a mentor, or find one yourself!

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