Fine art is a scam


The world of fine art is manipulated financially. Galleries and auction houses drive up the price in all sorts of ways. It’s a small group of people who decide what is good and what is not. They also tend to choose who they will sell the art to. If they sell to prestigious buyers, the art gallery will be seen as a better brand and all their art will be worth more. Even collectors will participate in this behavior. So their collection can increase in value.

So it’s big shot investors who define what fine art is. Making a good artist is just someone that is good at marketing and therefore enters a very exclusive group. But the art you buy on the street is as good as art in a museum or a gallery. Because what you can define as art, is in the end very subjective. Does it need imagination? Or skill? Does it need to beautiful? Or provocative? Only you can decide. It is the feeling that it evokes what matters.

Art is important as a survival mechanism in any culture. As it gives you status and respect. It makes us present and let you reengage reality. And you see the distinction between what you thought things were and what they actually are. Mostly we are drawn by the beauty of it. But that’s not the justification of art, it is merely the device by which we are led to attentiveness.

The artworld is driven by money and status in order to elevate people. And of course to invest in objects that will have a good return. It’s just not the standard by which people should judge art or be interested in it. But that the central issue of how fine art is observed in our culture today.

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