Good on you


Being a sustainability seeker means constantly looking for brands that actually deliver on their promises. But the tsunami of the increasing number of labels doesn’t make it easier. Greenwashing is still a growing problem. Looking at commercials today, it seems that every company has sustainability on its mind. But do they really? Even though we have industry labels and certifications such as B Corp, it’s still difficult to take companies on their word. They make promises and claims on going green and sustainable but don’t deliver as such. We get enough of that from our world leaders.

We have to make companies aware that they need to be honest and open about their actions. Because as a customer, you should be able to make real decisions. For smaller businesses, it might be difficult to prove their level of sustainable entrepreneurship. Investing in getting certified takes time and money, while in the meantime you can easily communicate about your current actions. A platform as FWD Message can help any organization show its commitment to the planet and its people.

But also for customers who take sustainability seriously, we need an easy way to guide them and find their way to the right choice. Good On You wants to be the leading source for fashion sustainability. They developed a rating system to let you discover the best ethical and sustainable fashion from around the world. The good news is that quite some brands get a rating of “good” or “great” on the platform. So take a look, and shop responsibly.

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