I bought my first styling box


A few weeks ago I ordered my first styling subscription box for men. A box filled with clothes, hand-picked by a stylist just for you. Overall my experience was positive, and I even kept a few of the items that were selected for me. If you don’t like shopping or don’t find the time to do so, a service like this is highly recommended. You only pay for the clothes you keep, and the styling advice is free of charge! I canceled the subscription because I really don’t need that many clothes so often.

Since shipping things in boxes on a subscription-based routine became very popular, there are quite a few options you can choose from. Suitcase, Outfittery, and The Cloakroom. But I used Zalon, a service offered by Zalando. It’s available in just a few European countries. But I guess other services will work similarly. Signing up, you are asked about your fashion preferences, and matched with a few stylists. There doesn’t seem much difference between them, as you only get a picture and a few lines of introduction. So I picked the first one at the top of the list. Her name was Sibel. A dutch designer and stylist with her own clothing label for kids.

At first, she didn’t stick to my preferred brands, or rather my non-preferred brands, so I had to reject quite a few items. But luckily she gets a second chance, and those are shipped immediately. The oversized box had 2 complete outfits in it when it arrived at my doorstep. Jackets, sweaters, shirts, trousers, shoes and even some accessories. I tried everything, and I had to admit that the items were quite right for me. But of course, keeping everything inside the box would cost me a few hundred euros (€762,40 to be exact). So I made a selection of a few items. And still spent more than I was planning to. Everything else went straight back in the box, ready to be returned to sender.

I tried the service, because between work, kids, and sleep, I don’t have much time and energy left to go shopping as I used to in my twenties. I do miss that. But honestly, I can not stand the hustle and bustle of a shopping street anymore. Shopping online is the way to go. And being guided by a stylist is definitely a plus. Certainly when that particular service is offered free of charge!

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